Someday I might even update this website.


All work and no play..

Makes Levi a dull girl, right? Fortunately, we got the nonsense figured out with Comcast (what a fucking joke that company is) and I start my new job tomorrow which is great because it's right across the street and the only gas I'll ever use is for going to the laundromat. S'all good. S'all great.

New Stuff: One new layout (Idina Menzel)


Home sweet home

I am all moved into my new apartment, I do in fact have an ethernet cord, and our internet is SPOTTY AS ALL HELL THANKS A LOT COMCAST but I'm going to try to make it work for the meanwhile to get some shit done.


Looks about right


Time is a funny thing

I finally made some buttons to link back to this here site o' mine, so if you want to exchange links please feel free to ask. All sites are welcome, not just graphic sites! I've also added a new video game signature featuring Tifa Lockhart, and I'm very close to completing the official Kevin Bacon fanlisting. See? I'm productive [sometimes].



I have exactly three layouts re-uploaded for download. I have not been working nearly as hard as I should be. Also, I've decided that my old Kevin Bacon themed layout will now be used for my upcoming fanlisting because holy shit, Kevin Bacon doesn't have a fanlisting? A great wrong, I will right.


The day I finally spoke

I've been a little slow going in getting some of the pages up, but then I do have a full time job outside of this, so. You know. In any case, the stamps and signatures are up, at least what I have so far. I also have several of my old layouts waiting to be re-coded and uploaded. Unfortunately, I couldn't salvage all of them for various reasons, but I have more than enough to start with, I think. I will be working on them throughout the week and, hopefully, will have a batch to put up by this upcoming weekend.

Ah, I missed this. I really did.