I are best host

Hosting is currently invitation only.

W h a t   y o u   g e t . .
  • Your own subdomain (
  • Personalized e-mail address (
  • Unlimited data storage and bandwidth
  • Wordpress blogging
  • PHP, Perl, and MySQL support

W h a t   I   a c c e p t . .
  • Blogs/personal sites
  • Graphics/artwork portfolios
  • Pop culture fansites
  • Fanlistings

G u i d e l i n e s . .
  • I will almost certainly never touch anything on your site. Exceptions to this would be stolen or illegal content, such as copyrighted artwork, music albums, movie downloads, and related material. If given sufficient evidence that your site contains such content, you will be asked once to remove it before I do it myself. The re-uploading of the material will result in the deletion of your account.
  • I'm not easily offended, so I have a very open mind as to what kind of content may be posted on your site. However, if I receive multiple complaints for blatant racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful content, your account will be subjected to the same rules as with illegal content.
  • Soft nudity is fine, but graphic pornography is not. I cannot verify the ages of visitors to my site or yours, so I would be more comfortable if they were not subjected to hardcore sex while visiting. If you have a piece you are unsure about, do not hesitate to ask before posting.