Terms of Use

Don't make me send the hounds

S m a l l   G r a p h i c s . .
  • Icons, stamps, and forum signatures are not watermarked due to their small size. This does not mean you are free to claim them as your own. Please give credit where credit is due.
  • That being said, I don't necessarily require a link back for using small graphics. Just be kind enough to refer them to me if asked. It is much appreciated!
  • None of my graphics may be uploaded to any other graphic site without my permission, regardless of whether credit is given or not. I would much rather have my work exclusive to my site.
  • Because they take very little time, I do accept requests for small graphics at no charge. However, these graphics are not made exclusively for one person, and will be put up on the site for others to use.

L a y o u t s . .
  • Some layouts have a watermark, others have a regular text link. In either case, my link is not to be tampered with or moved for any reason. I absolutely do require a link back for full sized layouts. No exceptions.
  • If I find someone using one of my layouts without proper credit, that person will be reported to their host for theft. I will not ask first, as it is obviously a purposeful act to remove my credit in the first place.
  • Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I cannot modify layouts to accommodate an individual's website. If you would like to customize one of my layouts to better fit your site, I am fine with it as long as my credit remains in place for the base layout. While I would prefer to be notified in advance, I will not require it.